Say something I’m giving up on you…

10849919_10152685532854086_4728905170517017092_nThis  sums up exactly where I am right now.

I can look at the things and the people in my life and I am struggling to see how they make me happy, how they make me a better person. I wish that it was different but it is what it is.

I talk to certain people and I do certain things and I feel differently towards them. I have noticed how people have started to criticise and judge me. People, whether knowingly or unknowingly, are making me feel unimportant. They are making me feel as though I have nothing valuable to contribute to situations. I feel like people are not even listening to what I am saying, not appreciating my feelings. People do not take me seriously. I feel as though my ideas are disregarded because I am young.

There are people in my life, despite what I am going through, who will make things worse rather than offer to help or support me. There are people who have promised they will always be there for me yet when things go wrong they are nowhere to be seen.


Why should I live like this? Why should I allow myself to be broken down? Why should I sacrifice my happiness in order to keep the peace?

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