Conversations over lunch…

I went out for a meal tonight with a few friends from church. The food was lovely and the company was even better! The conversation between the six of us was quite interesting.


We shared our opinions, and talked about things that had shocked us recently. We openly discussed our feelings about rejection and being ignored.

As the youngest member of this evening’s outing, sitting at a table with five other people who shared similar views that I had was quite comforting to me. For the first time in a long time I felt as though I was understood. I was not alone in my reactions to things that had happened throughout the last week.


This evening’s conversation got me thinking about why people actually do things…..why do people go to places when they would rather be somewhere else? Is it because they are expected to be somewhere? Or they feel obliged to be somewhere specific? Why do people bring something up and when questioned say they cannot talk about it? Have they accidentally said too much? Do they think people won’t ask questions or be interested? Why do people prefer to make up excuses rather than tell the truth? Maybe they think they won’t be found out? They don’t want to hurt or upset anyone? Maybe they don’t care that they hurt and upset others?

Personally, if I did not want to be somewhere I wouldn’t be! I certainly would not turn up to a place and make it obvious that I would rather be elsewhere. Also if I was told something in confidence I would not bring it up in conversation for the very reason that people always want to know more. People are interested in the lives of others. People love gossip. People love to hear about others people’s drama because it makes their situations seem insignificant and less painful. In the past I have been hurt by the lies of others. I have been told things only to find out that they are not true. Lies create trust issues. Lies damage friendships and relationships. Lies are destructive. I vowed to myself a few years ago that I would always tell the truth even if it hurt. I promised myself that I would never hurt someone and give them reasons to doubt my friendship. I certainly would not intentionally break someone down to make myself seem a better person.


(I am not trying to say that I never get things wrong because I do. I make mistakes and I mess up. I’m human!!)


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