He loved her for who she would become

Standing beside the bed, he watched as she slept. He watched her chest rise aHeartnd fall as she breathed in and out. She was beautiful in every possible way. Her long, blonde hair, her pale skin, the way she was curled up to keep warm. He could not believe how lucky he was to be with her. This woman, lying before him, made him happy. She made his heart skip a beat when she entered the room, her laugh was his most favourite sound. She was more precious than anything else in his life. Not only did he love her for who she was, he loved her for who she would become. As she altered her sleeping position, he caught a glimpse of her belly, a glimpse of their beautiful baby growing inside her body. He smiled to himself as he climbed in beside his wife and cuddled up close to the two people who made him happy to be alive… 


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