Sometimes being alone in a peaceful place is the best medicine. The chance to walk alongside a canal, to sit and to think, to listen to the birds, to watch the ducks swim and the canal boats glide across the water….priceless. Sometimes these things can be just what the Doctor ordered. The best things in life are free!!


6 thoughts on “Alone

    1. Hi there,

      Not sure what you mean by your comment? Are you saying that you find blogging difficult? Struggle to find things to write about? If so the only advice I can give is stick with it. I found it difficult to begin with. I stopped altogether for a year. I find that when I write the words just come to me. But I have to be focusing….

      If I am wrong and you were talking about something different then please do get in touch!

      Caroline Joy x

      1. I am not one for writing books. Like you I would probably struggle which is why I blog. The only thing I would suggest is that you continue writing chapters and when writers block comes you take a break. We all need a break when writing. A time to rethink and to gather more inspiration. Maybe you could share your chapters with a friend and see if they come up with any suggestions or ideas? How about writing short stories? Writing a book may come later on when you have tried other things and built up your ideas.

        Hope this suggestion has been helpful. If there is anything I can help with I would be happy to help in any way I can.

        Caroline Joy

      2. Thanks and will persevere ! Agree about sharing with a friend and am trying to work on the chapters like a short story. Maybe similar to the angle on the bat on my birthday blog. Love your blog title!

      3. You’re welcome! Sometimes it helps to draw inspiration from others to help you along. Thanks…it comes from a song called Unwritten by a singer; Natasha Bedingfield. Quite an old song now but I fell in love with it once I heard it 🙂

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