She deserved better

She watched as he gathered together his clothes and tossed them into the suitcase which lay open beside the double bed. The bed they had shared for the last two and a half years. She was heartbroken, tears streaming down her face. The one person she loved with everything she had was leaving with no explanation or reason.  he_left__but_promised_to_return____by_mechtaniya-d5hcy7l

She could not understand what she had done wrong….she loved him, cared for him, sacrificed her time for him yet it did not seem like enough. She must have been able to do something more. She knew he had struggles, she knew that he faced demons inside his head. She thought that she made him smile, and made him happy. But at this very moment she did not know who or how he was, she did not recognise him. The man she fell in love with had disappeared. She did not know why or how but she knew that he was different. 

He had not told her that he loved her in a while, and he had not arrived home with flowers to surprise her for quite a number of weeks. His eyes no longer met hers as they sat and ate at the table. He no longer held her hand as they sat together in front of the television. In fact, he chose the armchair instead of the sofa just so he could sit alone.

She was confused, a little angry even. The man she had spent the happiest years of her life with was walking away and she could not do anything to stop him. His mind was made up, his bags were84kb cropped version packed and he was now throwing on his coat. He picked up the suitcase, took one final look at her before leaving the room and making his way down the stairs. She ran after him, begging him to stay, asking him why he was leaving. He remained silent as he pulled open the front door, rushed down the garden path and climbed into his car. She ran to the car door and collapsed on the pavement. He looked at the woman he loved, tears staining her cheeks, mascara leaving a trail down her face. He had to leave, he was not good for her. He was not good enough to be with her. She deserved better. He started the engine and within seconds, he was gone.


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