The Reason for the Season


In three days time people will be sitting in front the television with their chosen alcoholic drink in hand, some may even be fast asleep after a day of presents and fun. Children will be playing with one of many presents that Father Christmas delivered for them. No doubt people will be complaining that they cannot move because they have eaten far too much food.

I want to challenge you, before you start ripping open presents, or setting the table for Christmas dinner, or pigging out on sweets, to think about the real reason for the season. Christmas is not only about families and friends, and the presents, and the delicious food, it is about the tiny baby who was born in a Manger.  A tiny baby whose birth changed the world.


Take five minutes out, and think about Jesus, because without Him 25th December would be just another day .


I want to wish all my lovely readers a very Merry Christmas. I pray that, whatever you do on December 25th, you have a fun day filled with joy and happiness.


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