Her little secret…

For the attention of my readers: this post is purely a work of fiction

She stood in front of the full length mirror, cradling her stomach. She could not believe that a whole new life was hiding inside. 

She did not want to accept that it was happening. Nearly twelve weeks ago her life changed. And she was facing the consequences; a little human being, a tiny beating heart, a baby. She was pregnant. He had got her pregnant. She felt dirty, angry, scared and alone. Her mind telling her every second of the day that she could not keep the baby, constantly reminding her of how the pregnancy came about.. It brought tears to her eyes all the time. Because of him her life was no longer just hers. In six months time her world would be turned upside down. There was nothing she could do to stop it or change it. She did not believe in abortion, and she certainly could not bring herself to terminate the life of something so small, so helpless. After all, what happened to her was not the baby’s fault. How could she punish an innocent life? The simple answer is that she couldn’t, and she wouldn’t. She will carry this baby inside her, and she will hide them from the world. They will be her little secret, but at the same time, her big life changer. 





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