Once was enough

For the attention of my readers: this post is purely a work of fiction

He sank into the sofa beside her and took a hold of her hand. She snatched it back quickly as though his hand was a burning fire.

“Listen baby.” He began.

“No. Nothing you say will fix this.” She interrupted.

“I want to explain.”

“EXPLAIN?” She shouted at him.

“It was not what you think. I was drunk….”

“And that makes it okay? Being drunk makes it okay for you to cheat on me?”

It was once baby. Once.”

“You cheated on me with her.” She spat at him.

“She was lonely, misread the signs. I was just offering her a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear.”

“And the rest!”

She had heard enough. She jumped to her feet, grabbed her handbag and stormed out of the room.

“Baby, please don’t go.” He begged.

“I am not your baby. And neither is this.” She answered pointing at her stomach. 

“Wait, you’re pregnant?” 

“Yes and I do not want you anywhere near me or my baby.”

“Our baby.” He corrected. 

“MY baby. We will survive without you.”

“Baby, we waited years for this. We struggled, we hoped and now it’s finally happening.”

“No I waited. I hoped and prayed it would happen. It was me who struggled with the negative test results, the heartache when only one line appeared. Not you. We are done. I’m done.”

She left the flat and made her way down the four flights of stairs and out into the cold, winter air. The wind was blowing gently and the road was silent. She glanced around before placing a hand on her growing stomach.

“It’s just us now little one. I will take care of you.”



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