My vows for 2015

(My inspiration for this post came from The Fickle Heartbeat blog. Go and check it out!)

I am not one for New Year Resolutions. In previous years I made the typical New Year Resolutions…...I will eat more healthier, I will do more exercise. I would make these resolutions with good intentions however a week later I would find myself lying in bed with a huge bar of chocolate and a film.

Obviously I set myself up to fail. And failure has happened every year.

So I have decided I am not going to make any resolutions for 2015. Instead I want to make a few vows for this coming year:

“I vow to be kinder to others for I do not know their story or their struggles. I vow to focus more on the little things in life rather than holding out for the big things that may ever happen. I vow to take each day as it comes and embrace the challenges and new paths that come my way. I vow to find at least one good thing in each day whether that be a nice view or a delicious meal. I vow to love a lot more and hate a lot less. Finally I vow to live this year as a stronger, braver and happier woman than I was last year.”



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