You saved yourself


Last night I watched the film Julie and Julia. One of the main characters set herself a challenge: 524 recipes in one year. The film mainly focused on the life of Julie Powell; her work, her marriage, her home-life and her cooking. The recipes that Julie recreated where from a cookbook by Julia Child. Julie created a blog, which eventually made her famous, where she regularly wrote about her life. Julie was desperate to meet Julia but heard that Julia did not agree with the challenge she had set. An upset Julie turned to her husband. She told him how her challenge with Julia’s recipes had saved her, how Julia herself had saved her. The reply from her husband was this: you saved yourself.

How often do we find ourselves saying that something or someone has saved us from life’s difficult times? How often do we say that it was such a person who got us through something? The reality is that they did not save you. You did indeed save yourself. Nobody stood at the foot of your bed screaming at you to get up every morning. You climbed out of bed by yourself. Nobody switched the kettle on for a cup of coffee. You did that yourself too. Just like you got yourself showered and dressed and took yourself off to work. People may send you a pull yourself together text or offer to take you out for lunch but they can never force you. You choose. It is your decision. You decide to get out of bed. You decide to get into the shower, to go to work. You decide that your life must go on. You. Nobody else, you.


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