56/365: Phobias


56/375: Phobias — We all have phobias. An intense fear of something is a phobia. I have quite a number of phobias, some bigger than others. I have a phobia of spiders. Last Sunday as we were getting into the car, my best friend picked a spider up and put it in front of me. I squealed (and told her I hated her….I don’t really hate her but that is the extent to which I hate spiders). I am terrifed of heights. I don’t mind rollercasters but make me stand somewhere high for a period of time and I will start panicking and have to sit down as I believe I will fall. I went to a concert once with friends from school. We were on the highest row in the whole arena. Hence why I spent most of the time sat down. My smaller phobias include the sea. I cannot swim very well so any large area of water scares me. I can cope with swimming pools but take me to the sea and I will paddle rather than swim. I have a slight phobia of choking too. I went out for the day with friends and started choking on food. It was so bad that my face went red and it took me a good few minutes to recover. I feel nervous when I eat food that is hard to chew. I always have the sense of panic in my mind. I am also scared of motorway driving. Not so much now but the first few times I went on the motorway I was scared. I believe I am a good, safe driver but I get scared of other drivers who break speed limits or drive too close to your car.


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