82/365: Anger


82/365: Anger — I try not to allow myself to get angry. I get annoyed and frustrated but never angry. Anger is a horrible thing to feel. It is a reaction to something you have no control over, something that has happened that you cannot change. Recently anger has been having its way with me. I hate to admit that but it is true. And the one I am angry with makes it even more frustrating. I do not want to be angry but I cannot help it.

Since the loss of my brother I have been trying to ignore this feeling in the hope it would go away but it hasn’t. It has only been made bigger and stronger. I am angry with God for taking my best friend from this world. I am angry that I did not see him that day, that I never got the chance to hug him and kiss him and tell him I loved him more than anything. The one thing that is annoying me about this anger is this: how can I still follow and love God when I am so angry with Him? I mean is that even possible? Is it normal?

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