Sleepless Nights

I am currently into my second night with no sleep. Last night I tossed and turned, checked the time every hour on the hour, tried to count sheep yet I was still wide awake all night. Tonight looks as though I am headed in the same direction. image So anyway, I told my mum I had not slept well. She asked me if I was worried about something. I thought if I am it’s news to me. Last night I lay in the darkness. Although my mind was working overtime I was not thinking about anything in particular. I had nothing to worry or stress myself out about. I ended up creating stories in my head, creating imaginary people. image It got me thinking. How often do we create the people we want to be? How often do we create stories that we wish where our own? How often do we create lives that we wish we lived? I think being creative is a wonderful thing, having the ability to create something that is beautiful, something that touches people.


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