106/365: Writing


106/365: Writing — In order to state the obvious; I love writing. I love that you can spill your thoughts and your secrets, your pain and your happiness onto paper. I love that paper has no voice to argue back with you, or to tell you that you are wrong or stupid or silly for feeling the way you do. Paper listens and will never answer back. Writing for me is therapy. Once I have spent a good hour or so writing I feel so much better. On the rare occasions that I look in the drawers in my bedroom I find pages upon pages of things I have written when I was younger. Secrets I have never shared with any human being. Thoughts that I have been to scared to share with anyone. Pain I have felt that nobody could understand. Writing keeps me sane. Writing sets me free.


105/365: Flowers


105/365:  Flowers — Flowers are beautiful. I love them. We always have a vase of flowers at home. I don’t really have a particular favourite flower as they are all very pretty. I like roses, especially the pink ones. Daises because they remind me of my brother and the times we used to sing Daisy Daisy. I love sunflowers because they remind me of summer and all the happy memories that summer brings. Flowers brighten up so many places. A world without flowers would be dull and colourless.

104/365: Butterfly


104/365: Butterfly – Butterflies are beautiful. They have a very special place in my heart. They are free creatures, created by our amazing creator. At every given opportunity I choose to wear my butterfly scarf or something else that has butterflies on. They have a calming effect on me; watching them gives me a sense of relaxation and peace. If I had to be something else in the world I would choose to be a butterfly.

Sleepless Nights

I am currently into my second night with no sleep. Last night I tossed and turned, checked the time every hour on the hour, tried to count sheep yet I was still wide awake all night. Tonight looks as though I am headed in the same direction. image So anyway, I told my mum I had not slept well. She asked me if I was worried about something. I thought if I am it’s news to me. Last night I lay in the darkness. Although my mind was working overtime I was not thinking about anything in particular. I had nothing to worry or stress myself out about. I ended up creating stories in my head, creating imaginary people. image It got me thinking. How often do we create the people we want to be? How often do we create stories that we wish where our own? How often do we create lives that we wish we lived? I think being creative is a wonderful thing, having the ability to create something that is beautiful, something that touches people.

103/365: Best


103/365: Best — Growing up we are taught to always be the best, to always do our best and to accept nothing but the best. But what is the best? Being good at everything? Always putting a hundred percent effort into everything we do? Getting everything right first time? I think telling children to do their best and telling them to be the best could cause more damage  than good. Children get things wrong and that should be okay. I got loads of things wrong when I was younger and that is how I learnt. I once washed my hair with soap in the school toilets. I was six or seven years old. I was trying my best! I did not get into trouble but I did get a few funny looks….. My teacher rinsed my hair, stuck my head under the dryer and took me back to class. That is how I learned the difference between shampoo and soap. I believe telling children to accept nothing but the best builds them up for a fall. People make mistakes and they can disappoint and hurt us. That does not mean they are unlovable or bad people. They are human.