107/365: Battle


107/365: Battle — We all face battles in life; some serious and some not so. We fight to save our relationships, to keep our friends, our jobs and our families together. Everything in life requires work. If we want something to work we have to put the effort in. Sometimes we can feel as though we are going round in circles and situations feel hopeless. Some of us face personal battles that can be overwhelming. Those battles are hard and tiring. They wear us out to the point that even getting out of bed or keeping our eyes open is a battle. I urge you to keep going. Keep heading towards the end of the tunnel because it will come. I promise.


106/365: Writing


106/365: Writing — In order to state the obvious; I love writing. I love that you can spill your thoughts and your secrets, your pain and your happiness onto paper. I love that paper has no voice to argue back with you, or to tell you that you are wrong or stupid or silly for feeling the way you do. Paper listens and will never answer back. Writing for me is therapy. Once I have spent a good hour or so writing I feel so much better. On the rare occasions that I look in the drawers in my bedroom I find pages upon pages of things I have written when I was younger. Secrets I have never shared with any human being. Thoughts that I have been to scared to share with anyone. Pain I have felt that nobody could understand. Writing keeps me sane. Writing sets me free.

104/365: Butterfly


104/365: Butterfly – Butterflies are beautiful. They have a very special place in my heart. They are free creatures, created by our amazing creator. At every given opportunity I choose to wear my butterfly scarf or something else that has butterflies on. They have a calming effect on me; watching them gives me a sense of relaxation and peace. If I had to be something else in the world I would choose to be a butterfly.

101/365: Bargain


101/365: Bargain — I love a bargain. As I have grown up I have passed on buying things because they are expensive. I often only buy something if it is in the sale – or  if I really like it! A few months back I really wanted a pair of boots that I found online. They where £28 and I did not have a lot of money at the time. I refused to buy them. I went back a few days later and the boots had been reduced to £14. But the best thing is they had only reduced the colour I wanted and they only had my size left. They are now my favourite pair of boots!

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100/365: Children


100/365: Children — I believe children are gifts from God. I can imagine being a parent is a privilege. However I know that children can make the lives of their parents or guardians difficult. My evidence? Me. I have not been the best child; I have messed up, got things wrong, let my parents down. But they still love me. I think that takes strength. One day I hope I am blessed with a child. I believe I have been taught well in being a parent.

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99/365: Dance

tumblr_static_lrgword_dance99/365: Dance — Everyone needs to relax, put on some lively music and have a little dance around the room every once in a while. I love doing this. Not only does it put me in a good mood but bouncing around means exercising. And exercise is never a bad thing.

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97/365: Scared


97/365: Scared — We all get scared. Scared of things going wrong, scared we will mess up. I have a long list of things I am scared of; going to the doctors and dentist, heights, spiders, driving on the motorway. I do not even know why I am scared of these things. I believe that things can only harm us if we let then. When we are scared of things we give them power. The power to hurt us, to frighten us, to damage us. I wish I had realised that earlier.

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