Day Twenty Seven: Your favourite type of Art

So I struggled with this topic as Art is not my thing. Creativity has never been my friend. But I do love photography. I have debated whether photography is an Art and came to the conclusion that it is. Mainly because photographers create images from what they see around them in the same way that painters capture their environment and subjects. Photographers may not paint or sculpture but I believe that it takes skill to capture beautiful, unique images.

 I love going out and taking pictures  and although I am only an amateur at the moment I do hope that one day I will get better.




Sefton Park, Liverpool

(March 2012)


Day Twenty Six: A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life..

Dear Frank,

I want to thank you for all your help and kindness over the last three years. When I first started attending church I felt hopeless, worthless and lost. I found it difficult to open up. Thank you for not giving up on me and for not walking away despite the number of times I have pushed you.

I have gone through times where I have felt like a failure, felt unable to be who God has made me to be. Thank you for reminding me that I have potential and for reminding me of that often.

When I was in the middle of my struggles and difficulties I thought that I would always be bound by them but you have reminded me constantly that I can change and that it will get better in the future.

You have gone beyond your job description and showed me that even in darkness hope can be found. You have been honest about your past and for that I admire you.

I do not think you realise how helpful and how valued you are. You have certainly helped me to become a better person, a more positive person. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for everything you have done for me.

Love Caroline x

Day Twenty Five: A Moment You Remember Being Completely Happy…

Camp Formal at Merseyside Christian Youth Camp in 2009.

I loved loved loved that week at Camp. I enjoyed every single second from crashing into trees/walls on quad bikes and riding through muddy puddles to sitting on the top bunk of the bunks beds playing cards whilst singing along loudly to our music.

I love going to Camp for many reasons. The food is always delicious, the talks are always challenging and you always leave at the end of the week a changed person for one reason or another. Your perspectives change, your priorities change and you have a deeper relationship with God. Camp makes me happy because you are surrounded by people who share your beliefs and you can talk about your faith without the fear of being laughed at or insulted.

Today’s challenge also asks you for your definition of happiness. So here goes:

To me, happiness is doing what you feel is best even if it means you will let someone else down. It is about being surrounded by people you love being yourself with and not having to change to fit in or to be accepted. Happiness is forgiving others for the hurt and the pain they have caused you. It is about letting go of the past and embracing the future. Happiness is going out into the world and making the most of it before it is too late. It is about having a smile on your face despite the trials and acknowledging that you are not perfect. Happiness is accepting yourself with all your faults and failures. Happiness is about being true to yourself and always being honest with yourself as well as with others.

Day Twenty Three: Your Definition Of The Meaning Of Life

I believe that each and every one of us has been given life for a reason. We are given breath in our lungs each morning for a purpose. We have something important, valuable and worthwhile that needs to be done and only we can do it!

At this moment in time, you may not know your purpose. I do not know mine but I know that as a Christian I will discover my purpose; God’s purpose for my life in His timing. I may only have to wait a week; a month, a year or I may have to wait ten years. But I know that His timing is perfect. I have to keep going because my life is not finished yet. I have to keep searching, keep hoping, keep praying and keep listening to God.

I am alive because God is the author of my life. He started my story here on Earth and when the time is right He will end it!

 But I truly believe that He has not finished with me yet!!

Also for me life is about being happy, laughing daily and late night talks with your closest friends. It is about smiling even when it hurts and all you want to do is cry. Life is about dancing in the rain and taking each day as it comes. It is learning to appreciate what you already have rather than complaining about what you do not have. Life is about loving others and not expecting anything in return.

You only get one life, so live it! Have fun!!

Day Twenty Two: Something that inspires you

Here on WordPress I follow a number of blogs and I have to say that I am inspired when I read the posts that those bloggers have written. They are often challenging, thought-provoking and always beautifully written.

They inspire me to be a better writer, to think bigger and to speak honestly and openly.

The blogs I read are written by strong, creative, intelligent people. People I look up to for making themselves vulnerable and for being honest with total strangers. Those I admire for sharing things that I would be too afraid to share, for talking about their painful experiences in the hope that their words may find their way onto the computer screen of someone else who is or has been through exactly the same situation. I read posts by people who are eager for their words to impact positively on others and who want their words to change lives.

Those people are my inspiration.

Day Twenty One: Something you would do if no one stopped you or if you knew you wouldn’t fail…

I know most people would probably say this but I would rob a bank!

Then with that money I would:

Buy a car

Get said car insured

Go shopping for a whole new wardrobe

Buy myself a beautiful home and redecorate

Give money to my family to repay them for everythimg they have done for me

Give money to charities because they actually deserve it

We can all dream….