103/365: Best


103/365: Best — Growing up we are taught to always be the best, to always do our best and to accept nothing but the best. But what is the best? Being good at everything? Always putting a hundred percent effort into everything we do? Getting everything right first time? I think telling children to do their best and telling them to be the best could cause more damage  than good. Children get things wrong and that should be okay. I got loads of things wrong when I was younger and that is how I learnt. I once washed my hair with soap in the school toilets. I was six or seven years old. I was trying my best! I did not get into trouble but I did get a few funny looks….. My teacher rinsed my hair, stuck my head under the dryer and took me back to class. That is how I learned the difference between shampoo and soap. I believe telling children to accept nothing but the best builds them up for a fall. People make mistakes and they can disappoint and hurt us. That does not mean they are unlovable or bad people. They are human.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Blur.”


I guess I may have cheated just a little with my image. However stay with me and I will explain as best as I can.

The above photograph was taken at The Echo Arena Liverpool, England on Tuesday 31st March 2015 at a McBusted concert. I grew up with these two bands. My cousin and I have attended so many of their concerts as a ritual, something that we MUST do together.

Although the band members are in focus, if you look behind them you will see the bright lights are blurry. I chose this image because I feel as though my childhood has gone. Although I am only twenty-three, I feel as though my childhood happened so long ago. The memories, the good times and of course the bad times are a blur. I feel that I have grown up. I am more mature, more sensible and a much nicer person to be around.

The bright lights in the photo all represent a person. Whether that be a child who was excited to see their favourite band or, like me, someone whose childhood included McBusted music and going to every single concert you could physically get to. There must have been hundreds of people in the arena that night. All of them with a different story to tell, each of them leading different lives.

54/365: Bullying


54/365: Bullying — Bullying hurts. Bullying damages lives and destroys people. It breaks people so much that they get ill. Some people even take their own life because of bullying. It breaks my heart when I read about a child taking their life because of the way somebody has treated them. Unfortunately bullies do not know what is going on in their victim’s life nor would they care. I have been a victim of bullying. It started when I was eight and did not stop until I was fourteen. I was quiet at school which I guess made me an easy target. I did not know how to stand up for myself. The truth is I should not have had to. I was called names and I was laughed at. Sometimes I was physically hurt. I was cyber bullied too. Bullying made school difficult. I did not want to be there. But I did not let the bullies stop me from getting an education. I went to school and I did my school work. I kept my head down and tried my best to ignore them. I faced my bullies day in day out because I had no choice. It was either I won or they did. I was certainly not going to let them win. Bullies look for things that are different. They bully other people because they are not the same as them. We should embrace the differences in others. We are not all the same and that is okay. We were all created differently. I would urge all parents to teach their children how to stand up for themselves, tell them how much they are worth. Drill it into their heads that they matter. Make sure they know who they go to if they are being bullied. Always be approachable and allow your children to share their worries with you. Teach your children to respect others and show them how to be kind. It is time we stamped out bullying. Too many lives are being lost due to people hurting others. It is time that changed!

Elle Holmes

This beautiful fifteen year old girl was taken far too soon from this world. A young girl with a wonderful voice and lots of talent. Sadly, like so many other young people, she battled with inner demons.

Please listen to the beautiful Elle Holmes singing Mirror Mirror, a song that she wrote herself.

If you can, share this video on your social media profiles. Let’s get Elle heard around the world. Let’s send out a message of hope to those struggling. Young people need to know that it is okay to ask for help. It is okay to not be okay. Young people need to know that they matter and people care. They need to know that there is hope and there is help available to them.

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Best Friend Separation…

To Plaits,

It is twenty to eleven on a Friday evening and I am tucked up in bed with a large glass of wine and chocolate. If it was this time four years ago I would probably be drinking some cheap alcohol in one of Liverpool’s finest clubs or tiptoeing around in heels trying not to fall flat on my face on the famous cobbles of Concert Square! How times change……


When did we grow up? When did life get complicated and scary?


I wish I could turn back time and relive it all again. I want to sit on the number 80 bus with you every Morning and read the Metro newspaper. I want us to go bowling in Edge Lane and sit on the floor for good luck. I want to go on random train journeys just to see where we end up. I want to go and visit the Cathedral and be asked if you are mum (even though I am eight months older than you!). I want to sit and watch Harry Potter with you and quote as many lines as we can. I want to lie on my living room floor and laugh because an actor has a funny name. I want us to dig spoons into frozen ice cream and cry laughing as the ice cream flies across the room. I want to do Aerobics in the Drama room and fall over just to make you laugh. I want to go to Thornton’s and buy chocolate for our separate journeys home. I want to go to Summer Cheer-leading School again and attempt to do the crab. I want us to go to Gusto in the Albert Dock and balance spoons on our noses and pretend we are pirates.


But I know that the past can not be relived. We both have our own lives now. You being so grown up living the high life in London and me still in Liverpool with a job (well hopefully…). I want to tell you how proud I am of you and I know I have said that a lot recently but it is because it is true. I remember when we were in school and all you ever wanted to do was drama. You spoke often about wanting to be on the West End. You spoke of your dreams, your hopes and ambitions. I felt your passion for them as if they were my own.


So Amy, I want to say this to you right now….your dreams and ambitions are happening. Grab all the opportunities with both hands and hold onto them tightly. Don’t ever let them pass you by. If you do one thing for yourself make it be believing in yourself. Don’t let knock backs set you back. Keep going and don’t ever give up.


Remember I am only at the other end of the phone if ever you need me.

Lots of love Mini


Day Fifteen: A band that you immediately liked and the song that made you like them…

Well this takes me back…

It was 2004 and I was twelve years old. It was around the time my cousin Heather and I started to get to know each other better.

When McFly released Five Colours in Her Hair,  it was played everywhere. The lyrics where so catchy and the song made you just want to jump around like a mad person. My cousin and I took a liking to the song aswell as to the band themselves. We saw them live together over ten times and Heather managed to win tickets for a secret gig. We were on the second row and when the gig had finished Danny Jones threw his plek into the audience, it hit my foot and before I could bend down to pick it up, a dozen or so screaming girls dived on me!!

Gorgeous Boys 🙂