And she is back!


It has been seventeen days since I last posted. I have been pondering this verse a lot recently. Last weekend I spent four days in beautiful Wales. It was a great time of encouragement, listening to the word of God and spending time with people who have become very precious to me over the last few years. The last week or so has been busy, tiring, at times non-stop but I have spent some quality time with God too. I feel ready to pick up my pen, as it were, and carry on. Sometimes we just need to stop, take a step back and recharge our batteries. So I am back!

Thank you for all the support. I really appreciate it 🙂


Why do I write?


I write with purpose but sometimes my writings come about by accident. I write because I very often cannot say what I want verbally

I write to shine a light in the lives of others. I write to bring strength, encouragement and love. I write with the hope that my words will touch someone else, that my words will inspire others. I write to bring about hope in hopeless situations.

I write to express who I am, what I am feeling and what touches my life. I write to calm my mind and give new life to my soul. I write to share memories and also so I can look back and remember them.

I write because I know that one day my feelings will have a reason and a purpose.

Thank You

Dear Lynda,

I am thankful for you each and every day. I am privileged to have you in my life.


Over the last few years you have loved me and cared about me. You have gone out of your way to support me and to make sure I am okay. You have been interested in my life and have always encouraged me. You have been there to help me pick up the pieces  when I have messed up. You have wiped away my tears and made me laugh again. You have helped me to make sense of life. My life is what it is right now because of your presence and influence.


I can never thank you enough for all you have done and continue to do for me. All the presents and thank you messages will never be enough.


You are a woman who goes above and beyond everyone else. You put others before yourself and strive to see them happy. If I grow up to be even half the person you are then I will hopefully be a blessing to others like you are to me.


You saved yourself


Last night I watched the film Julie and Julia. One of the main characters set herself a challenge: 524 recipes in one year. The film mainly focused on the life of Julie Powell; her work, her marriage, her home-life and her cooking. The recipes that Julie recreated where from a cookbook by Julia Child. Julie created a blog, which eventually made her famous, where she regularly wrote about her life. Julie was desperate to meet Julia but heard that Julia did not agree with the challenge she had set. An upset Julie turned to her husband. She told him how her challenge with Julia’s recipes had saved her, how Julia herself had saved her. The reply from her husband was this: you saved yourself.

How often do we find ourselves saying that something or someone has saved us from life’s difficult times? How often do we say that it was such a person who got us through something? The reality is that they did not save you. You did indeed save yourself. Nobody stood at the foot of your bed screaming at you to get up every morning. You climbed out of bed by yourself. Nobody switched the kettle on for a cup of coffee. You did that yourself too. Just like you got yourself showered and dressed and took yourself off to work. People may send you a pull yourself together text or offer to take you out for lunch but they can never force you. You choose. It is your decision. You decide to get out of bed. You decide to get into the shower, to go to work. You decide that your life must go on. You. Nobody else, you.