The Anger Journey

Recently as part of my word challenge for this year I wrote a post about anger and how I felt towards God over the loss of my brother. Since then it has played on my mind an awful lot. I have managed to speak to other people about the anger I am feeling. I wanted to share with you a little of the journey I have been on.

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Why do I write?


I write with purpose but sometimes my writings come about by accident. I write because I very often cannot say what I want verbally

I write to shine a light in the lives of others. I write to bring strength, encouragement and love. I write with the hope that my words will touch someone else, that my words will inspire others. I write to bring about hope in hopeless situations.

I write to express who I am, what I am feeling and what touches my life. I write to calm my mind and give new life to my soul. I write to share memories and also so I can look back and remember them.

I write because I know that one day my feelings will have a reason and a purpose.

82/365: Anger


82/365: Anger — I try not to allow myself to get angry. I get annoyed and frustrated but never angry. Anger is a horrible thing to feel. It is a reaction to something you have no control over, something that has happened that you cannot change. Recently anger has been having its way with me. I hate to admit that but it is true. And the one I am angry with makes it even more frustrating. I do not want to be angry but I cannot help it.
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81/365: Alone


81/365: Alone — Sometimes I like being alone and others time I hate it. Some people find themselves alone when all they really want is someone to be there. I think being alone can be terrifying. It can be really difficult. These past few weeks I have felt so alone despite being surrounded by people.

Trust Him


When you feel as though life is breaking you, pour your heart out.

Be vulnerable.

Show your fragility.

Express your emotions and feelings.

Allow yourself to be comforted, to be healed.

Let your mind be set free from captivating thoughts.

Trust Him with those scary situations, those difficult decisions.

Trust Him.

65/365: Disappointment


65/365: Disappointment — We all experience disappointment. We disappoint ourselves, our families and friends. We are not perfect. We make mistakes. We hurt other people. Sometimes when we are angry or upset our actions or words can disappoint others. I believe that if we are disappointed by the actions or words of someone we care about we should never tell them. Simply because telling someone that they have disappointed you can do more harm than good. It can make them feel worthless and annoyed with themselves. It can damage them more than you will ever know. Recently someone told me I had disappointed them. It hurt an awful lot. One of the reasons it hurt was because I was doing what I felt was right. I was told I had disappointed someone because I expressed how the actions of another person had upset me. I felt as though I was not allowed to stand up for myself, felt as though what I was feeling was not important. As humans we all have the right to live our lives happy. We also have the right to stand up for ourselves and to speak out when something has upset us.